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Medical Analytics

Exams & Diagnostics

About us

Medical Analytics is a platform specialized in offering products and services to professionals and students in the human health sector. A scientific support that guarantees that clinics buy and grow like big companies. We have the collaboration of research centers, laboratories, universities and doctors around the world.

As a registered user in Medical Analytics, we offer you the possibility of advertising the activity of your clinic through our web browser, where patients / clients can locate and contact your clinic.

The main benefits of the users (clinics and professionals) of the Medical Analytics platform are:

Buy a wide variety of medical products and services from different laboratories, and then offer them to your patients.
Access a wide range of equipment and medical equipment from different brands and distributors at very competitive prices.
Provide free of charge specialized advice on the products offered (via Email / telephone / online chat) and personalized attention.
Offer your services and products, on the platform, to other clinics.
Participate in R + D + i projects with our collaborators.
Benefit from the campaigns to publicize the products of the platform, increasing the number of potential customers.
Be informed of new scientific advances (monthly newletter) and quickly access new products in the health field.
Participate free of charge in online and face-to-face conferences (of scientists and collaborating doctors) on current issues.
Receive online courses (personalized medicine, molecular biology techniques and other topics that the clinic requests).
Buy in Medical Analytics everything you need for your daily activity and, if you can not find it, you can request its incorporation.

Enjoy different services: Repair and maintenance of equipment, Printing Service, among others.

In Medical Analytics the following products are offered:

1- Genetic tests:
Genetic predisposition (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular risks, metabolic disorders, hypertension, periodontitis, etc.)
Genetic diagnosis (cancer of mom, ovary, colon, lung). Syndromes, pathologies, rare diseases and hereditary diseases.
Other (fetal sex, genetic fingerprint, paternity and anti-aging).
2- Microbiological tests:
Detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses (Hepatitis B and C, Human papilloma, Parvovirus, Herpes, Streptococcus and Leishmania).
Dental sector and implantology (oral microbiological studies).
3- Clinical analysis tests:
Hypersensitivity to metals.
Parameters (cholesterol, glucose, hemoglobin, hematocrit, etc.).
Detection of toxins in blood and urine.
Comprehensive medical check-ups.
4- Test of test strips:
Blood chemistry.
Tumor markers.
5- Medical equipment.
Equipment for clinics: centrifuges, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, freezers, etc.
Imaging equipment: Portable ultrasound.
Immediate diagnostic analysis equipment: blood chemistry, coagulation factors and cardiac markers.
Service repair, maintenance and equipment calibration.
6- Materials, accessories and supplies for clinics:
Fungibles: Disinfectants, gels, gloves, swabs, masks, tubes with anticoagulants, bandages, dressings, suture material, etc.
Dental instruments: turbines, micromotors, contra-angle, etc.

In Medical Analytics we work independently, we do not belong to any laboratory or medical center. We do not offer direct services to the patient, only the clinics will have access to them through a username and password.
We offer our platform free of charge to clinics related to the human health sector and other institutions.
The main objective is to provide access to different tests and medical examinations of last generation based on personalized medicine and carried out by prestigious laboratories.


How to register in Medical Analytics?

Access to Professionals
In "Create an account", to register, enter the contact Email address and other information.
To activate your account send to a copy of the Fiscal Identification document of your clinic or consultation.